About the Company

CES/Foodlogistik, USA is the exclusive North American Distributor of Foodlogistik GMBH, Germany. We have been providing sales, parts, and service for them since 1992.

CES/Foodlogistik imports multipurpose dicers and slicers for the food processing industries. The multipurpose cutters are able to cube, dice, shred, strip cut products. For example: cheese and cheese products, meats, vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry; also items including but not limited to tofu.

Based in Southern California CES/Foodlogistik, USA offers multipurpose cutters for all types of production requirements. CES/Foodlogistik, USA maintains an inventory of machines and parts on the North Amercian continent.

Don Ballein is the President/CEO of CES/Foodlogistik and has been in the meat and poultry industry for over 30 years.

Thank you

Don Ballein
CES/Foodlogistik USA